Slow Biotic Games

Slow Biotic Games: Mould Rush (2018 – 2020). Research project
Cover image by Raphael Kim.

Following earlier works on biotic games with Euglena Spaceships, I have been involved with Raphael Kim in research regarding slow biotic games. Specifically Mould Rush, first pubished in: A new mould rush: designing for a slow bio-digital game driven by living micro-organisms. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (pp. 1-9).

See publications for an overview of later papers, including “Moldy ghosts and yeasty invasions: Glitches in hybrid bio-digital games.”, of which the below video is a summary:

The Biotic Games Collective including Jan-Maarten Luursema (Slime Mold Andi), Michael Sedbon (C t r l), Raphael Kim and myself (Euglena Spaceships, Euglenizer) exhibited as part of Biodesign Here Now at OpenCell, London Design Week 2018.