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The featured image shows Jippe Kreuning, Sjang ten Hagen, Marie Beth van Egmond and myself measuring dodo bones at Naturalis in 2013, a study we published in 2017.

Peer-Reviewed Journal & Conference Papers

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Policy Brief

DITOs consortium (2019). Open Sharing Platforms and Affordable Lab Spaces as Drivers of Innovation in Biodesign. DITOs policy brief 12. PDF

Special Interest Group

Kim, R., Pataranutaporn, P., Forman, J., Lee, S.A., Riedel-Kruse, I.H., Alistar, M., Vasquez, E.S.L., Vega, K., van Dierendonck, R., Gome, G., Zuckerman, O., Vujic, A., Kong, D.S., Maes, P., Ishii, H., Sra, M., & Poslad, S. (2021). Microbe-HCI: Introduction and direction for growth. In Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1-4).


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