Transitielab Utrecht – Ruimte voor Initiatief (2017). Artistic sessions with bottom-up sustainability initiatives

As artist-in-residence at Metaal Kathedraal I organized three creative sessions for bottom-up sustainability initiatives within Transitielab Utrecht, a partnership with Provincie Utrecht, Stichting Oikos, Stichting Aarde, Young Innovators Utrecht University, Stichting Natuur en Milieu, Louis de Jel and GreenWish.

In three sessions, I used my experience as illustrator (see De Omslag for examples of my work) to co-create a visual narrative for three citizen initiatives in Utrecht: Rijne Energie, Ringpark Dichterswijk & Spinozaplantsoen Utrecht. We used reverse graffiti and mowing to leave a public statement in their respective areas, and organized a cycle tour to visit all three artworks. See the film below for an impression.